that perfect hand…

In Ocean's 11, Danny said that "the house always wins. If you play long enough, never change the stakes, then the house takes you. Unless, when that perfect hand comes along, you bet big… and then, you take the house." Here's the hand I've been dealt, sometimes it's risky and sometimes it's safe, but all the time… it's perfect. It's mine.


open letter to my secret reader

Dear Trav,

I  am coming to visit you this weekend, will you have time to see me and show off your little handsome man? I know he’s probably the most popular kid on the block but it would really mean a lot to me. My own popularity is peaking so my schedule is filling up but I really think Eli and I need to make up for lost time.

Talk to that sweet wife of yours and let me know. Thanks for hearing me out.





washington state

I spent last weekend in Washington state with my coworker, Darcy, and her 15 and 12 year old daughters. We went with the intention of shopping and exploring. We drove down through Osoyoos to the Grand Coulee Dam where we spent the first night and watched the laser light show (which was amazing and then we spent the second night in Wenatchee because another coworker said they would have good shopping there. They didn’t (we should’ve gone to Spokane or Bellingham) because our dollar isn’t doing as well as it was and there were no sales, but the experience was well worth it. The coolest thing was visiting Leavenworth which is basically a little Bavarian/German town that felt like I was stepping into a full town SWISS PICNIC (like in Smithers). They had live music (accordians!) on the streets and it was just a quaint little town. I hadn’t been on a “road trip” that wasn’t to Smithers, Calgary, Camrose, Victoria, Osoyoos, Kelowna, Pen…etc…in years so it was really cool! Although even the taste of what I saw in Washington state made me realize how truly different our countries are… from friendliness of people to patriotism to food portions (they are HUGE down there). God Bless America. Enjoy the pics.

Trista and I in the car, we just got through the border wahoo!

Darce – unsure about this!

This is the little barge that took us over the Columbia River to get to Grand Coulee.

Darcy, Trista, and Coral – too much fun!

The wheat fields are massive and for a small amount of time, the drive felt like being on the prairies all over again!


The Grand Coulee Dam – so neat!

The dam at night – romantic potential!

Trista, Coral, and I clowning before the laser light show!


This is for MOM (Sound of Music anyone?)

All the buildings looked like this.

A production playing in Leavenworth…so perfect!

The BOAR at the Petting Zoo that I fell in LOVE with.

This was at the road side fruitstand/petting zoo… another reason how parts of Washington resemble home… the sun, fruit, greenery is just like Penticton.

Unreal! Never seen such flat peaches.

…one of many reasons I am sad summer (and work) is almost over…good friends.


christmas and new years … in smithers

Ok.. so I am not good at the picture aspect of blogging… so please have patience but I am thrilled to share with you this recap of my holidays… especially since 90% of you all are genetically tied to most of the people in them! xox

Uncle Orv in the barn… I spent an evening wor
king in here with him and Tim. I think I missed my calling.
Sue and Suzanne… New Years

Young Adult Cousin Progressive Dinner… Too Cool

My Volleyball team for the tourney..

Steve, Megan, Me

I was cold.. and Megan was bonding with me.. or something.

Jess Hardy and I out at Driftwood… New Years again.

Jod and I… so good to see it.

Me and Darce.. my favourite SpruceKing

Viv… Suzanne’s Mom!
My Dad and I.. these moments are too few and far between!


Angela and I… New Years, Driftwood

Alfred and I… Evelyn, New Years
Jocelyn (sorta) and Jordie… Evelyn again.

Jod and Jess… he was a hot commodity or something!

Mark Hagen: First Holenstein Christmas. Look at his wife, eh.

Sweet Jayme.. I hope she turns out like me!

Stefanie, Myself, and Auntie Carolene… our hideous volleyball huddle… we were always on the same teams… we always lost.

Stams and Hagens… couldn’t ask for a greater family..

Dan came out with Ang and I… here he is, Mr. Hero.

Here’s the “Craft Kids”… our Moms are all tight and check it out: we turned out tight too!! Except older…

Jody, Kate, Mitch, Jes, Mark, Marli… it had been too long since one of these pictures!

Ang and I… Nana invited us over for lunch with our moms. You can tell how much we LOVED it.

There! I think that’s it thus far!!

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I know… date sequence isn’t exactly obvious here as I went to Victoria long before I knew I was going to Smithers… but I guess that’s half the fun.

Nov 9-14 I jumped on a WestJet plane and flew down to Vancouver Island for U of C’s reading days. It’s the perfect place to go… as not only does Jocelyn live there, but Nadina, Suzanne, Jess, Rachel, and Hilary do too! Sue and Brad also took the ferry across and what was supposed to

be just a weekend to visit and do homework (yea?), turned into one grand reunion. It was in a word: unreal. This picture was Nadina, Suz, Joce, and I out for a romantic dinner on my last night in town at the restaurant, Glo, that Joce works at. The other was at Legends, adding Jes and Sue to the mix. The rest of the weekend was hanging out, seeing family, and getting Bobbi to do my hair. Oh and finally meeting the girls’ coveted BL boys! 🙂 These pictures don’t do justice for what a fantastic weekend it was! Makes the thought of going home just THAT much sweeter.

Other highlight: My pops drove in from Powell River on Sunday to hang out with me for the day. That just made it boderline perfect!

Except when Jes lost her toenail, I think we could all do with out that… especially Suzanne.