that perfect hand…

In Ocean's 11, Danny said that "the house always wins. If you play long enough, never change the stakes, then the house takes you. Unless, when that perfect hand comes along, you bet big… and then, you take the house." Here's the hand I've been dealt, sometimes it's risky and sometimes it's safe, but all the time… it's perfect. It's mine.



So one of my most favourite people had a¬†presentation to do for work. It was a pretty big deal, actually the BIGGEST deal, so I wanted to make him some treats to fire him up for it. Unfortunately, photographs were the only way I could get these to him on time so it was the best I could do. I’d like to believe that it was the ‘thought that counts’ but I think it was a painful, terrible tease. ūüôā I ended up bringing them all to work, which was a total hit. It was the VERY first time I’ve ever made PASTRY and I was thoroughly happy with how it turned out!! Anyways, I thought I would extend these to you. Along with a humble invitation for coffee with me, I am always looking for a good chat and equal parts laughter. What do you think? Invitation worthy of acceptance? Hope so.
a variation of an apple danish bar... with bluberries and peaches!

a variation of an apple danish bar... with blueberries and peaches!





It was both flaky AND delicious....success!

It was both flaky AND delicious....success!


the public works crew's fav... even earned me a kiss. SCANDAL!

the public works crew's fav... even earned me a kiss. SCANDAL!

I think I've finally sorted it out and can make them without my mama! SUCCESS x2

I think I've finally sorted it out and can make them without my mama! SUCCESS x2

I saved one for you, Trav.

I saved one for you, Trav.

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bittersweet harmony

At work I do countdowns in the GIS department on the white board. Most of these countdowns include ” x days until Kate’s birthday” or “x days until Kate’s work term ends” or “x days until so-and-so buys Kate lunch” and so on… just adding a little humour to the situation. Anyways, here is the countdown that I came to when I started back up at the RD on Monday (for my FOURTH summer… crazy):

“Days Remaining Kate-free:












Nice, huh? Yea, I am glad to be home too. Needless to say, the office hasn’t changed and my wickedly awesome sarcastic sense of humour seems to have rubbed off. I am glad, without a doubt, that this is my last term there. Bring on rural government, forest fires, and filing. Yay.


roses are pink

At the beginning of May, I baked for the Public Works department at work because they had done some accommodating for me the very first week I was back in the office. I decided then I would do “random acts of kindness” throughout the office for the rest of the summer. Unfortunately, it went very unappreciated by most during the first couple weeks that I decided just to bake for PW. (By underappreciated, other departments complained about what I brought, the sugar content of it, etc. so I didn’t see the point). So every other Tuesday, when the Water Hommies (our Water System operators), the Sewer/Landfill crew, and Environmental guy, I baked for their staff meetings. I tell ya, if I learned anything this summer is that the way to a man (men)’s heart is DEFINITELY through their stomachs. Today was the very last PW staff meeting for my very last week at the RDOS… and I brought them cinnamon buns. They were foaming at the mouth, as usual, and it was kinda bittersweet because I will miss them.

But guess what they did for me? Brought me a card and a dozen (count ’em: 12!) PINK roses! It was so out of left field, shocked me outta my chair… so nice! I find it’s easy to do kind things for people who appreciate and respect kindness as such. And these guys definitely, definitely were worth it. Now when people ask me what guy I got my first dozen roses from…I can respond “Guy? You mean 8 guys (and two ladies)?” It was so sweet, them in their dirty work clothes and cream cheese icing on their faces. And blushing the shade of the roses. Way to make a girl feel loved.


live from penticton it’s SATURDAY NIGHT

Looks like we’re having fun, huh? When Jes and Mark were here, one of the activities was a picnic at Sun-Oka Beach in Summerland, here’s pictographic representation of a moment with Dad. Not bad hey? I’d say ‘Kate lay off the eye make up’ but I really believe it’s a shadow because I did not layer on the M.A.C. that morning. Anyways, just wanted to share that with you.

For the record, my summer vacation is over in T-2 days. I figured I should pay homage to my work place and how desperately I am going to miss them and the lifestyle after four concentrated months… but I am not. The way I see it is that God grants us opportunity where He sees fit. By receipt of these opportunities do we cultivate experience, and only after which do we recognize the parts of an experience as invaluable. Or not.

I guess ultimately I am really trying to get to a place where my life and God’s plan go hand in hand. I am not saying that He didn’t desire me to work at the RDOS again this summer, I just know that He hasn’t planned regional government in my future. Or if He has, I am not aware of it yet. Basically, I believe that as I spend time really counselling with Him and in His word, His plan is revealing itself and I am more excited about the possibility in that than I am sad about what I am leaving behind. (Although none of my coworkers read this blog so they’d shoot me in the foot if they knew I wasn’t crying about it).

I take away some extremely invaluable experiences from the RDOS, specific to this summer. I learnt that I have a long way to go in ‘upping’ my patient quotient; expanding in my tolerance. My knowledge of customer service is extended beyond taking their bill payments and answering their phone calls. I recognize now that every person has a story, a feeling, a belief that they do not bring to the office, and that the human being is a unique creation beyond anything I will ever be able to comprehend. For each voice and personality at the RDOS are so different that I got to sample parts of them and add what I desired to my own character. I also got to recognize in myself what I would like to leave behind. For that, I am indebted to each one.

So here we go, off again, and probably back next summer. But, aside from seeing my crush, on that guy, I don’t think I will be looking in anticipation for my arrival to the office again. It’s time to go out, to a new school, new city, and I will take parts of those people, those experiences and create another chapter of my story. Maybe I will even let someone else take the pen for awhile. Either way, there’s no sadness in it. Merely anticipation of who I can share these people with.

How’s that for homage to my summer job, my friends, my crush (which is more like a full on ‘like’ now but that’s another story)?

Arrivederci mes amigos! (yes, I know that’s two different languages)



I have a big, rather ginormous, crush on a guy at work. I wish I was kidding, but I completely, one hundred percent, mean it, I have a crush. It’s been sooo long since I’ve had one of these, I had almost forgot what that meant. I mean, I’ve full on liked people or maybe loved someone in the last 5 years, but it’s been ages since I have had a crush.

And it rocks.

All I know about the guy is his name, where he lives (not exactly…I am not a creep), that he’s not married, what department of the government he works in, and that I make him laugh. I don’t know anything else. Literally. I don’t know how old he is, if he’s single, if he likes to play basketball or knit, if he likes sugar in his coffee, or if he even likes coffee. I know he likes beer once in awhile and that he likes to camp, but that’s because I overheard him talking about it on the phone when I went to bring him his mail. Truthfully, he might be the most opposing personality to mine ever, but I wouldn’t know that at this point. All I do know is that when he talks to me or awkwardly is in the lunch room with me or has to call the front and I answer, I get fired right up. It’s relatively childish; absolutely hilarious.

One of the secretaries in the office is a good friend of mine, she’s hilarious too. And we spend the day laughing at each other, especially yesterday, given that it was the hairiest day in a regional government office since regional governments even emerged… we both have a “what’s life if you can’t smile” attitude towards work. Anyways, she got wind that I may have a crush on one of the guys at work and she promised to bring him to lunch with us (she’s taking me for an almost-last-day lunch at the end of the month). Rather than just letting it be, she proceeded to list the entire roster of all the guys in her department (I won’t say what it is because it would narrow it right down to who the guy is, therefore, I think if something was to ever transpire between us, he would be mortified I prematurely blogged about him). But seriously, I got a list of 15+ MEN in my e-mail to choose from! So I said “ALL OF THEM,” to try to hide it.

Unfortunately, she figured it out quite quickly, given that I am a terrible liar. So not only do I have an office crush, it’s not so secret anymore! We were even talking about him on the phone and then I noticed him BEHIND ME. It was an embarrassment that I pulled off with such grace… yeah right.

So yea, I don’t think I ever was mature enough to understand how immature a crush is. Or unvalidated. But I can honestly say that for the next four weeks, while I am “crushing on” this guy, my heart will go pitter-patter. Isn’t that ridiculous. I sooo, like, totally have a crush. Groovy.



i’ll take Regional Government for 500, please

Top ten reasons that proves I don’t know anything.

1. A gentleman called the office today to ask me a very pointed question: “Hi Kate, can yard waste for the clear bags include grass clippings and raked leaves?” Me: “Why I am drawing a blank sir, let me transfer you to our public works department, I am sure they can help you sort it out.” Hello? Kate, those are the two main yard wasted things! Yea, ok.

2. When getting ultility billings ready to be mailed out, some of the invoices required manual folding. I stepped in to man that job…and once the envelopes were stuffed, about 10 of mine did not have the address on the front in the plastic envelope window. My coworker kindly informed me that it actually doesn’t take three years of university to know the folded side with the address on the invoice goes at the front. Duh.

3. “No Kate, you can’t take the Tacoma simply because the light is on top and it makes you look like a bylaw or police officer…and for your second question, because I know you’re going to ask it, you cannot turn it on or flicker it at Drew [mosquito sprayer] if you guys pass in town on the way to the sewer.”

4. Who knew that when my boss told me at 9:00 in the morning that my skirt was a little “tucked in” in the back, that if it were true at 9 am, it would still be true periodically throughout the day? Not wearing that again!

5. Unfortunately, Drew and the guys needed the committee meeting room for a pest control meeting — the pests didn’t need the room for a guys meeting. It’s not my fault I seem to have late maturing dyslexic tendencies.

6. I never realized that asking someone “so, like, what exactly do you do?” would be misinterpreted from an innocent query to mean “what are you saying? That I don’t do anything?” then proceed to tell everyone the summer student thinks the people in question don’t do anything all day. I am just trying to know. That’s all.

7. Apparently when you “dial 9 to get out” does not apply to dialing 9-1-1. I wish I could take blame for this but wow was that ever the perfect move.

8. “So when is the maintenance guy coming in again?” … “why Kate, did something happen that needs fixing?” … “Well, I knelt down in the storage unit to grab the files [interjection: the storage unit is absolutely disgusting] and now my skirt [white] is completely dirty!” … “OK so you want him to take it home and wash it? Because I think you’d have better luck asking him to sweep it up..” ………obviously!

9. Waters calls to engineering; inspections to building; maps to GIS; agendas to administration; billing to finance; records management to Kate. Took me about 4.75 hours to realize records management was just a fancy word for filing. OK, thanks for the title.

10. “Kate why do you read at work on your breaks?” … “Because I like to.” … “Oh I thought you were rubbing your pending degree in my face.” … “Yea that too.” Which I am not, but older people just don’t seem to get sarcasm. I am sorry! Probably shouldn’t have said that.

There really really are stupid questions. Unfortunately, in this game, most of them come from me. In other words, I love being back at work. I forgot a lot about basic public queries and where to send phone calls or the extensions of people’s direct lines. But I appreciate the job because while I look like a fool, potentially, to everyone else at the office, I learn and learn and learn sooo much. And have a pretty great time doing it. Some people get on my nerves as with every job but I am learning to be patient. I told my supervisor I depend on words of affirmation… I meant it as a joke partially and partially serious…because being government, I don’t want to mess up and have no one tell me otherwise. So she proceeded to affirm me every second I saw her for the past 48 hours. A little overkill which is now going to my head which resulted in a day of overly stupid things happening to me. Yay for jobs and people who seem to think I am a walking nutcase… little do they know!



3rd times a charm…or something to that effect

Today I finished “lucky” number 3… as in, my 3rd year at university. “yay” for me. Truthfully… I thought I would be elated.. but all I think is … sooooo many more to GO! Coupled with some random occurences in the past 48 hours, I am wiped, worn, witt-less, and wondering…wholly! Just kidding… I think my exams went okay but who cares. I did the best that I could given what I have, so if God’s got me in Lethbridge…or St. Catharine’s…or Victoria…or Calgary… for year 4, I will be okay with that…right? I’d say so.

I hate these “what I did today” posts, hence why I do them so rarely, because I sure don’t do enough exciting things. But today upon finishing my 3rd year at 8:56 am (or something like that), I got to go pick up my best friend, Jocelyn, who is in town for a few days and we spent together mass bonding, laughing (as any of you who know us together, know), running errands, and making a dessert. Man I miss her more and more the older I get…kinda like with my parents. ANYWAYS, Joce and her boyfriend are flying to Puerto Vallarta tomorrow morning so it was nice to spend the day together. The dessert we made is for my “girls night” tomorrow… a bunch of people are coming over for appetizers and a dessert… I actually made Tiramisu… yep, I did. Lovely.

The other day I heard that the Regional District of Okanagan/Similkameen offered me the summer position again for the summer!!! So four more months of corporate/rural board meetings, forest fire prevention, dog licenses and citations, filing, and DRIVING THE GOVERNMENT TRUCK WITH THE YELLOW EMERG LIGHT ON…fantastic! Best news ever! I start May 7 so I have one week to hang out with mom.

And this Friday, my pops comes with the UHaul where we will pack up my rubbermaid tubs (so efficient) and then go to Camrose to Jes and Mark’s place for a visit before heading home. I think Marli is coming along for the ride as well.

But now that I am done, I have a bunch of last minute things to tend to while saying goodbye to some honkies, rather, people, here that I think are pretty cool. And wait on my applications while praying extensively that God’s will and my dreams may possibly align.

So yay for sun and fun and no school and dad and summer employment and sleeping in…like I am going to do tomorrow!!!

(And after that, I will spend another 4 months thinking…do I really want to do ANOTHER year? Sure, why not.)