that perfect hand…

In Ocean's 11, Danny said that "the house always wins. If you play long enough, never change the stakes, then the house takes you. Unless, when that perfect hand comes along, you bet big… and then, you take the house." Here's the hand I've been dealt, sometimes it's risky and sometimes it's safe, but all the time… it's perfect. It's mine.


live from penticton it’s SATURDAY NIGHT

Looks like we’re having fun, huh? When Jes and Mark were here, one of the activities was a picnic at Sun-Oka Beach in Summerland, here’s pictographic representation of a moment with Dad. Not bad hey? I’d say ‘Kate lay off the eye make up’ but I really believe it’s a shadow because I did not layer on the M.A.C. that morning. Anyways, just wanted to share that with you.

For the record, my summer vacation is over in T-2 days. I figured I should pay homage to my work place and how desperately I am going to miss them and the lifestyle after four concentrated months… but I am not. The way I see it is that God grants us opportunity where He sees fit. By receipt of these opportunities do we cultivate experience, and only after which do we recognize the parts of an experience as invaluable. Or not.

I guess ultimately I am really trying to get to a place where my life and God’s plan go hand in hand. I am not saying that He didn’t desire me to work at the RDOS again this summer, I just know that He hasn’t planned regional government in my future. Or if He has, I am not aware of it yet. Basically, I believe that as I spend time really counselling with Him and in His word, His plan is revealing itself and I am more excited about the possibility in that than I am sad about what I am leaving behind. (Although none of my coworkers read this blog so they’d shoot me in the foot if they knew I wasn’t crying about it).

I take away some extremely invaluable experiences from the RDOS, specific to this summer. I learnt that I have a long way to go in ‘upping’ my patient quotient; expanding in my tolerance. My knowledge of customer service is extended beyond taking their bill payments and answering their phone calls. I recognize now that every person has a story, a feeling, a belief that they do not bring to the office, and that the human being is a unique creation beyond anything I will ever be able to comprehend. For each voice and personality at the RDOS are so different that I got to sample parts of them and add what I desired to my own character. I also got to recognize in myself what I would like to leave behind. For that, I am indebted to each one.

So here we go, off again, and probably back next summer. But, aside from seeing my crush, on that guy, I don’t think I will be looking in anticipation for my arrival to the office again. It’s time to go out, to a new school, new city, and I will take parts of those people, those experiences and create another chapter of my story. Maybe I will even let someone else take the pen for awhile. Either way, there’s no sadness in it. Merely anticipation of who I can share these people with.

How’s that for homage to my summer job, my friends, my crush (which is more like a full on ‘like’ now but that’s another story)?

Arrivederci mes amigos! (yes, I know that’s two different languages)

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time flies

Jes and Mark were just here for a week, and today I just remembered that I am NOT going back to Alberta so who knows when I will get to see them again! It is enough to make me question my decision a little bit, but not enough t orethink it entirely… plus Thanksgiving in Saskatchewan could be a wonderful event!

Aside from my minor melancholy, them leaving for Camrose again marks another moment: it’s the end of summer. In 8 days I will be leaving the regional district after another brilliant summer and in 9 days we will leave for the island and in 10 days I should be moving into my new home. That’s a lot of stuff going on if you ask me. This part of the year hits me in two ways, as I assume it does for everyone: sad to leave home but fired up about things to come. Aside from leaving my crush (which will be decidedly easy) and home, I feel like it’s shaping up to being a good move and a fantastic year. Who knows though, I can be overly optimistic. Just kidding.

So Jes and Mark, I promise it will be like it was when I was in Calgary… show up every available weekend and outstay way past my welcome. But it’s time to go! Yay!


to my brother-in-law

Mark, I love you, you know that right? I mean, you’ve been a major pain- I mean PART – of my life for the last, what, 2.45 years? I feel like you and I have fostered a friendship that is going to weather many storms. I trust you with my fears and anxieties and excitement and feelings. You take care of my vehicle. I mean, we support eachother. You support me in wanting to go to Victoria, and I support you in wanting a VW bus from Washington. We get eachother, I mean, we both seem to think Jess is pretty great, that Prison Break is super intense, and that some things are better left unsaid. I feel like I can approach you about anything and that (potentially) you will respond in a way that I leave feeling as if I understand a little more. Basically, you’re like my Robin to my being Batman, in the event that I need some side-kickin’ (or savin’ the world). So Mark, can you please bring Jes home for my birthday? Please? That’s kinda all this is about. Heck, bring her down in your bus.



Hey guys, just a head’s up: I am going to Camrose for the weekend to see Jes and Mark!! I would appreciate your prayers as the last time I was there I spent $200+ on car repairs and I can’t afford that (nor do I want to) again. So pray that I get through the 3 hour drive there and the 3 hours back (Sunday night) in tip top shape.

PS Ok, Michael Scofield (Wentworth Miller) is not my boyfriend, but I appreciate the trickery I pulled on people like Auntie Sylvia. Gives me the confidence that one day, he WILL be mine. Or someone just as fabulous. 🙂


shapes and sizes

You know how they guardian angels come in all sorts of shapes and sizes? I never really believed that. I truly thought that my guardian angels would be covered in a white sheath with wings and Heaven’s light encompassing them all around. Boy was I wrong. I am sure someone’s angels are this way, but the one’s I’ve encountered lately sure aren’t… but they are definitely guardian angels.

Friday night I was driving to Edmonton to have dinner with a special friend of mine in Sherwood Park, AB. About 15 mins from the city, I blew out my back tire to a point where there was only an inch of rubber around the rim. Thankfully this was right by a service station (gas, car wash, convenience store, etc) and I asked the gas attendent if he could put my donut tire on. He was the partial angel. The other was a trucker, who was born in Camrose, who came to save the day. Not only did he aid in the changing of the tire… but he calmed me down, checked my oil, put air in the remaining tires, and followed me a ways until the Sherwood Park turnoff. Normally, someone would be creeped out by this but truthfully, he was harmless (I believe) and I was so terrified that once he calmed me down, I didn’t even call my parents right away. Which is a feat because my first call in crisis is always Dad. I guess when I think I am being all independent, God sends me little helpers along the way to keep me humble.

Another form of a guardian angel would be a pair of them… Jes and Mark. When I was getting ready to leave Camrose Sunday night, they noticed my lights doing weird things and it turned out my alternator was going. So rather than heading home, I ended up staying another night. Monday found me hanging out at CLBI doing homework in the kitchen while Jes worked and Mark changed the necessary parts in my car. Mark, the angel for doing that for me and Jes for letting me invade her workspace, and both ofthem combined for all the work they do at CLBI… again, I am overwhelmed for you guys at the goings on of your days. But oh-so-thankful for the kids who need you. Because I love who you are to me… and that when I need you, you are there for me too.

My radio breaking down is probably the last of the angelic experiences I had this weekend. All in all, it was a wonderful time spent with family… I keep thinking I need to take advantage of them in Camrose a lot more. Dan also came down from Edmonton for a Saturday afternoon of fun which made it extra special. On some level, I feel like I am “going home” every time I head to Jes and Mark’s. Maybe it’s because of the people that they share their lives with.. that I happen to really like… or that consistency of it. I don’t know. But with all the familial happenings, I Loved my drive home the most. It was me and the stars, where the radio wasn’t working and I just thought… and thought… and thought… and I realized something fairly extravagant.

Through all the turmoils, hurts and tears. Through all the laughter, bliss and fun. With friends coming… and mostly leaving… and for the amount I’ve grown in the last few years and continue to learn, the most important thing I know is that I am the luckiest girl alive. And with the topic of guardian angels, I know through God that luck has nothing to do with it.



brothers in law

Dear Mark:
I just wanted to give a ‘shout out’ to my brother in law. It’s probably about time I do so, seeing as it’s just over four months since my sister and him got hitched.
So if you’re reading this, I just wanted you to know some things. It’s not every day that a girl has a Russell Crowe (as Maximus, as the picture alludes) come into her sisters life and sweep the sister of her feet like a swiffer duster (also, given the photo)… and I think that you’re fantastic (not like the cleaner). Sometimes, there’s horror stories of in-laws (photo cred) but here’s the honest truth: if I knew that you could be a friend (again, illustration) and look out for me the way you do, I think I would’ve planned the wedding myself… and a lot longer than four months ago.

So, you win. I’ve never done a ‘shout out’ before… I hope underneath all of the wit you find a genuine understanding that I really think you’re the greatest. I admire you in countless ways…

I love brother in laws. Marli get on it.

Now, if only you could make the cold weather stop (pic).