that perfect hand…

In Ocean's 11, Danny said that "the house always wins. If you play long enough, never change the stakes, then the house takes you. Unless, when that perfect hand comes along, you bet big… and then, you take the house." Here's the hand I've been dealt, sometimes it's risky and sometimes it's safe, but all the time… it's perfect. It's mine.

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cheering on

Is it time for an update? It’s time at least to say hi. I am so indebted to my bed — I owe it at least 12 straight hours of quality time but school is owning those precious moments right now. I am exhausted. After getting home from practicum, I have been going to school for the month of June in a ‘summer institute’ designed to get me enough course credit to be eligible for my B.Ed. Since I couldn’t imagine coming this far and not getting the degree, I had a few days off when I was finished teaching before coming back to Victoria and back to university. It’s been a short month filled with a ton of stretching mentally and it’s been draining physically but it was worth it. It’s been fantastic, it’s over Thursday, and now I need a job. Any suggestions?

June has been fun — it’s my first on the island and I am grateful for it. The month started with my favourite friend’s birthday which seemed to begin his constant reminders to me of my own pending 1/4 century day in a few short weeks. Eep. Then a lot of our family arrived in Victoria for my cousin’s wedding. The weekend was packed with lifetime style memories, especially having Mom, Jay, and Nath in town and getting spend the pre-wedding day with Megan and Steve. I love weddings. And I loved being able to celebrate Josh, someone we see far too little of. It was a fun and special day and we were blessed to be a part of it!

The last few Saturdays have been spent up on the Sooke river where fish are finally biting and the sun is shining (rather than the rainy and crazy fishing trips I’ve been on)… there is nothing better than sitting by the river with one of the books I’ve been putting off reading. It’s such a joy and if I could live out on the Sooke river for almost-ever, I would.

In other news, Dad blessed me the other day with a special Father’s Day invitation for Luke and I to come and see the Empire Stadium…the temporary sports field he built for the BC Lions. Huge treat! We took the ferry over yesterday morning and spent the afternoon watching football and visiting with Dad and Nate. It was so incredibly cool to get to see Dad honoured for his work, not only over the loudspeaker in front of 22,000 people but to see the reception he got from all of the tradesmen and employees of his that were sitting in our section. He’s a BIG deal… but incredibly, genuinely humble and while the Lions lost to the Eskimos in the last 4 seconds and with L being really sick, it still was a perfectly fun and special day, especially because it was Father’s Day! Only thing to make it better? If they were playing the Riders! Oh well, we’re hoping to go back on July 10 for THAT game… 🙂 So so cool! 🙂

Finally, if you think of it or think of me, I’m going to start pursuing my writing dream. After my practicum I was overwhelmed by this sensation of a dream come true. It’s a bit intoxicating, having something that I’ve prayed for and thought of forever finally be realized and tangible, but it also has begged many questions about “what next”. So I’ve started thinking and writing and wondering how to pursue this other dream. I have some ideas on how to go about it but for the most part, it’s a crapshoot. I’m afraid of failing, obviously, but not enough to not want to try. So that’s where I am at — starting to dream another dream. Do you think that is asking a bit much?

Before this turns into an exhausting ramble, I just wanted to say hi. And spend some time with you. And think about how blessed I am. So that’s about it. Here’s some pictures, in no such order. Be blessed. And be rested enough for me? 🙂

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real simple.

Is it okay to indulge?

I am going to throw this out there… I am quite poor. I have a good summer job, but this past summer I bought a car so that depleted my savings. Coupled with the fact that I have to take six courses each semester (So an extra $900) and that I drive everyday to school, I am in a little bit of a stressful student financial situation. And because I have six classes, I don’t have time to get a job. I could if I wanted to commit academic suicide… but I don’t.

Enter my hair.

In order to cut back on spending (not that I spend money at all, I would prefer to have a coffee with a friend than buy new shoes…hello, three year old sweaters) I decided to not dye/highlight my hair anymore. I’ve been – mildly – highlighting my hair since I was in grade nine… I guess that would make me 14 years old? And in the summer months, those highlights really come out naturally in my hair…so I am always a tousled mess of blondybrown locks. The last time I highlighted my hair was November of last year and it cost me $130. My hair grows fairly slowly but the nice thing about it is it is not TOTALLY obvious where my roots are because by now, the highlights have faded tremendously and it all looks natural-ish. I thought I would be relishing in this new time in my life where I get to see the actual colour of my hair and equally excitedly, saving $130.

That’s NOT HAPPENING. I absolutely adore getting my hair done. It’s about the only thing I can justify spending over $100 dollars on… I love getting my hair washed, cut, cleaned by someone else. I pay close attention to which stylists are the most talked about and where I can get the best job for the best price… ever since leaving Norma in Smithers (my dear friend Cody’s mom who dyed it three highlight colours for free every time I was there just so we could get in a good visit!) I have searched high and lo. When I moved here, people raved about this girl at the mall and she is absolutely phenomenal! And since I love getting my hair done, I am really struggling with all of this. A couple people in the last little while have complimented my hair colour, saying it’s kind of a random mix of blonde and light brown… and if these compliments are supposed to give me incentive to persevere, they are not working. I complete adore the process of getting my hair done… it’s euphoric, especially when it is done “right.”

Why oh why must I love my hair so much?

I miss my fake blond head.


keen about keens

Add a dose of old-school styling to your wardobe with the Briggs from KEEN. Classic design combines with casual appeal using subdued colors and soft, waterproof leather. The metatomical last shape provides broken-in comfort out of the box. The non-marking rubber outsole lets you traverse your daily terrain with confidence.

Doesn’t that just make your heart melt? Or at least, your feet get excited? ANYWAYS. A few years ago, Mark bought Jessica a pair of Keen shoes for Christmas and every time I saw them wearing their Keens, I thought to myself “gee I’d like to own a pair”. Then last year when I moved to Victoria… and out of the “Ugg” Boot phenom (it’s still a phenom, just one I grew out of), I realized my boots were not going to cut it against the torrential rains that consist of 80% of my time in Victoria…winter. I asked Jes periodically about her Keens, how they held up in the snow or rain or anything and she was always incredibly positive — they mold to your feet, keep her feet dry, still look sharp even though she’s had them for a few years, and they last a really long time. So, after I moved back to Penticton for summer ’08, I decided to devote part of my tax return to the shoes and wait until I was in Alberta for my vacation to buy them “PST Free” — they are quite expensive.

When I got them in Camrose, the first time I wore them my feet were covered in blisters from my 25K walk to town so NOTHING felt good on my feet. And since it’s been so nice in Victoria the last couple weeks, I’ve tried to hold out with the flipflops. But last Friday I started continuously wearing my Keens and they are so stinkin’ comfortable, you have NO idea. And then today we got some of that torrential rain I was telling you about so I so I laced up my Keens and away I went. It was a dream! My socks were not wet at all and therefore, my feet were warm and for the very first time of being at school during a rainy or cold day, I was comfortable. It was everything I imagined and more. And I got compliments. And some guy in his Crocs flip flops wanted to be me, I could just tell.

I cannot remember my life before my funky PST Free Keens.


home home and shakespeare (let me know if you see it now)

Just throwing this out there… while I absolutely love literature and everything that goes along with that, I am hating my Shakespeare class. My prof really engages in the plays. He will act out every character…himself…and teaches with a perma-smile on his face. But that’s as far as it goes. I am just hating it. Just throwing that out there. ANYWAYS… Here’s an updated look at our place! Excuse the quantity, I just want you to feel like you are in my house with me! Check ‘er out:

Dining area…that’s the trim leaning on the wall that still needs to be put up.

There we go!! Nice hey?
Fridge and ample counter space!

Our fantastic granite countertops!

The full effect. PS I don’t recommend getting this colour of laminate flooring. It may LOOK nice but dust and dirt just LOVE it.

Living room… yes, I do use the exercise ball.

Living room and our main entrance. I love all the windows..

My fabulous, fabulous couch/loveseat/ottoman. You all need to come sit on them!

….here’s to hoping this gets hooked up soon! Then Scott won’t have to pray for me about doing laundry at their house anymore! 🙂

(we’re neighbours!)

Look! Dan’s room has carpet! 🙂 Dad and Marli came down and put all his stuff in there… now he needs to show up soon!

Dan’s part two.

Oh look, there it is again!

Come on in… it’s Kate’s room! (My closet is long and awesome!)

My first fantastic purchase… my brand new queen sized bed! I love it! (Since had been sleeping on Auntie Anita’s OLD bed prior to this.. it is doubly unreal!)

My desk from Wal-Mart… my second greatest purchase. This has a ‘leaf’ that pulls out so I can study on the right side with an empty desktop and get all digital on the left there!

Looking into the ‘hallway’ from my closet.

Our tile in the bathroom… everything together makes it look super spunky.

The bathroom… sure makes me think yellow is a nice colour!

Just had to put this in… this is the LIGHT that is in the shower. Fun hey?

YES it IS that clean ALL the time…!!! Sorry none of Adrienne’s room, she spends a LOT of time SLEEPING. 😉

Whew! Don’t you feel like you just came over? I even bought Coca Cola for guests (I don’t drink the stuff) so come on down! Actually, BREAKING NEWS another reason to love living in VICTORIA? NANA is coming for a month!! Hello, good food and more hours needed at the gym!