that perfect hand…

In Ocean's 11, Danny said that "the house always wins. If you play long enough, never change the stakes, then the house takes you. Unless, when that perfect hand comes along, you bet big… and then, you take the house." Here's the hand I've been dealt, sometimes it's risky and sometimes it's safe, but all the time… it's perfect. It's mine.


a regular piece of work

I am submitting to the fact that i am a woman of many faces. Unfortunately for me, my face doesn’t lie. Fortunately for you, you can look at my face and know if I am lying. It is a vicious circle, I swear. I think my parents appreciate it. I know Jes noticed it. Jocelyn can get away with lying. I can’t. Worse part is, I don’t seem to control it, I just make these faces as a reflex, like when Doc hits your knee and your foot shoots out in front of you. That’s it. Say something, do something, see something, and my face reflexes like the automatic gearshift when it is switched into DRIVE. Out of control. Well, for some people.

See that one of me winking? Yea, some guy in my grad class told me I should never wink at people because it looks like my face is having a seizure. And the one of me upside down? Basically just a metaphor for how not-upright I feel about my lack of controlled facial expressions I feel. The very first expression there, that one I was making at the computer at work today… until I noticed my boss, supervisor, and the receptionist staring at me blankly and then asking “uhh is everything ok?” Should I lie and say yes?

Then there’s the “I am curious (also interpreted as the ‘I am up to no good’)” and “You’re not at all funny, I can’t even pretend to laugh but this smirk might satisfy you” expressions. See that’s the problem, I can’t fak my faces, they just happen. It sucks. If I eat bad food and the cook asks me if it’s ok… I can nod and say “yes I love it” but my expression reads “I need to find a bathroom RIGHT NOW.” I just want to apologize, I think there is a short circuit from my brain to my face. I just can’t control it, ya know?

It just sucks sometimes — having a weird face.


oh there she goes again…

So I have to just blow my own horn or pat my own back, however they are coining that phrase in the 2000s…but something happened today that was just unreal.

I was at work today, and kind of depressed to be there because I have so much to do… but I went anyways, even curled my hair crazier than usual. A gentleman, about 65 (and aged extremely well) came up to my teller’s wicket with a huge smile on his face. I had made the previous two clients laugh to tears so I think he was either listening in or anticipating the same return. Anyways, here’s the conversation, as I proceeded to deposit his cheques and pay his bills:

“So you’re new here aren’t you? I’ve never seen you in here before.”

Me- “Nope. I’ve been at this branch almost eight months. And I’ve sure seen you before!”

“Oh really, maybe you just like hiding from old men like me?”

Me- “Oh puhleeze, I am always sitting right here, minding my own business, doing my work, helping people, you know how it goes.”

“Well, I’ve been coming here for 32 years. I guess it’s a mystery because I really haven’t seen you before. Especially since you’ve made everyone in the line up smile in the last 20 mins I’ve been here…which is sort of unheard of.”

Me (Laughing at him)- “Yea right! Is that everything for you? … It is? Are you sure? Because I wouldn’t mind helping you with anything else you need?”

“Wow m’dear, that just solidifies it: because I definitely would never forget a gal like you. The poor man who steals your heart… with a personality and a smile like yours, I know he will keep you around for more than just that pretty hair!”

Me- “Oh wow, now you made me blush, are you single?” (I winked at him at this point so we were both laughing)

“Nope but my grandson is!!! I can’t wait until the next bills come, Miss Kate. Have a wonderful afternoon…”

I guess all I learnt from this, is you never, EVER know whose heart you’re touching… and if it’s 65 year old man whose only venture in a week is to come to the bank… then make his experience a good one. And don’t be suprised at the things will touch your heart. I am still grinning when I think about it.

Other than that, all I did was get my taxes done today… and my return is fabulous… yay for money and old men… I am KIDDING.


diamonds in the rough

My mom talks a lot about seeing the “extraordinary in the ordinary” and I want to look at things in life like that. Kind of like diamonds in the rough, sometimes we have to search for these rare gems and find the beauty in things that may not appear to be. Or more importantly: Finding the extraordinary in the ordinary that someone else may over look. So I spent my drive home yesterday thinking of the things I find beautiful, that go past a sunset on the oceans surface or the snow on a Christmas morning:

~a hot bath after a long day
~skating so fast at night on the lake when all I can see is my breath from the cold and the starry sky
~Dave Matthews, Tom Petty, John Mayer, Bryan Adams, and the Red Hot Chilli Peppers
~Staying up super late, playing basketball in the parking lot, and wishing time would stand still
~driving with the ‘top down’ on the bug in the middle of the summer
~A good book
~Going into someone’s room and looking at everything on the walls… a self portrait without even meaning to be
~thunderstorms any natural phenomenon.
~the power of prayer
~Driving alone at night, for a long ways blasting Mark Perry (any Smithers residents soundtrack for life 😉
~Silver jewelry
~Chats with my sisters and mom
~Strawberry marshmallow candies and cream soda
~Spending time with my Dad.
~Dreams (and not sleepy dreams, but life-dreams…especially hearing other peoples)
~Long hair
~Living in residence, only 5 doors down from one of your new best friends
~One Tree Hill, Ocean’s 11, Blood Diamond, and Prison Break
~Movie nights where I fall asleep and wake up to find everyone else doing the same
~Adrenaline rushes, risks, and forgetting who you are for a moment
~An unexpected phonecall from a dear friend
~Iced tea with peppermint
~The feeling that the song “Who Wouldn’t Wanna Be Me” by Keith Urban, reminds me of, and makes me want to feel.
~John 15:13
~The serious side.
~Jumping on the trampoline with soap and water
~Playing first base
~Calgary’s skyline; Camrose’s simplicity; Prairie sunsets
~Independence; Innocence
~Swimming at night
~When he looks at her “that way” and she keeps his secrets: observing from afar
~Smithers moments
~Smiling at someone who needs it
~Ken’s aunt’s cabin out in Kananaskis, and the moments along with it
~The smell outside after the rain
~Steak, medium rare
~The way anyone can always make me laugh
~Reliability and freedom
~Feeling to never forget such as: walking down the aisle at grad or when I saw Jayme for the first time
~Knowing who I can cry to; who to trust.
~Wishing on the stars
~My fleece blanket
~Family gatherings
~Talking to you—listening to you
~Wearing socks to bed then taking them off in the middle of the night.
~Crawling out my window in my old room in Smithers to lay on the grass when I couldn’t sleep
~How I never know your voice on the phone
~Wet hair
~Pictures, photo albums, yearbooks and old letters
~The gingerbread my mom makes
~Laying on a dock, counting shooting stars, at Tyhee Lake
~Seeing someone for the first time, after a long time
~Swiss Pride
~Arguing with someone even if you know you’re wrong
~My quicksilver toque
~Being deliriously happy
~Curb sitting
~Knowing that there will forever be something to come home for.

and most importantly,

~A feeling that nothing will ever be the same. For if it was the same, I wouldn’t grow. And because it changes, I have hope.

I know it’s long, and I am sorry for that, but it’s on my heart… so tell me, what do you find extraordinary? What are some of your diamonds in the rough?

xo your Kate

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here goes

I got ‘tagged’ is it? I am supposed to write 5 random things about meand tag other people. And I have no one to tag… but here goes, 5 things you DON’T know about me:

1. I sleep on my stomach and at the edge of a pillow. In fact, I have 5 pillows on my bed but I only use the very tip of the corner of one. Maybe it’s because my bed sinks in the middle, but that’s how I sleep!

2. I don’t believe in goal setting. I know I know. I think it is important to dream and desire and have ambitions, but I do not think it necessity to set goals… because what happens when you reach one? That’s it. You got it. And how many do you set? Tons? If so, doesn’t that take the value out of the goal? What if you never reach your goal? Yeah. Ask me about this in a not so casual environment. 🙂

3. I fear frogs with a fright that rivals multiple frights combined. Show me a frog and I head for the hills. One day Cody Haggard saw one on the road while he was driving me home, stop the truck, ran out there, picked it up, and threw it on my lap in the vehicle before I even knew what was happening. My heart stopped.

4. I failed one of my Silver Ice Dance tests for figure skating when I was 14 because the evaluators were convinced that I was a beat behind my partner. Reality was that he was a hot fireman from who-knows-where and I was completely intimidated to have his arms around me.

5. I have my whole grade 12 english lesson planned out for the first time I teach… if that ever happens, I have it all worked out in my head and a book… is that wrong? haha.


Actually, I tag LOUISE BOLDT… the only other person I know has a blog.