that perfect hand…

In Ocean's 11, Danny said that "the house always wins. If you play long enough, never change the stakes, then the house takes you. Unless, when that perfect hand comes along, you bet big… and then, you take the house." Here's the hand I've been dealt, sometimes it's risky and sometimes it's safe, but all the time… it's perfect. It's mine.

wading through the tides…

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I’ve been attending Luke’s astronomy class this semester just for fun. Partly because I wanted to prove that he was wrong about the constellation cassiopeia, and mainly because I find astronomy completely and utterly fascinating. Since moving to the island, I’ve become almost equally as fascinated with the tides.

What I’ve learned in astronomy is that tides are caused by the Earth’s rotation, the moon and sun, and the gravity that exists between them. The earth leaves what’s called a ‘tidal bulge’ in its wake of rotation and when the water is closest to the moon, it experiences stronger gravity and the pull of the moon causes the water to rise; the furthest point from the moon experiences low tide. However, sea levels also fluctuate depending on weather systems, like storms and winds.

What I’ve learned in life is that tides are frustrating and that sometimes, taking the bad with the good makes the good less obvious. Or sometimes, it takes wading through the highest tides only to find nothing but deeper water on the other side. It is suffocating and drowning and being submerged can be paralyzing but it eventually will roll away and things will be ok again. And the moon in this life is just a great of force on my heart as it is on the water of the earth.

— in 19 days I start my practicum. I gave myself until this past Saturday to be scared and afraid of it… it felt like a timeline was necessary so that I could consciously just get over myself. Now, I am still as unprepared as I was a week ago, still as unsure as I was when I got accepted into the program almost a year ago, but still as excited for it as I have been my entire life that I’ve dreamed about teaching. I’m not afraid or scared or whatever… this is going to be the best sort of fun and I am so so so excited to finally do it!

And the other stuff right now that makes tides overwhelmingly powerful and make me feel as though I am swept up in something I can’t control? That’ll be okay too.

One thought on “wading through the tides…

  1. Kate. You will be amazing. I know it. Can’t wait to hear of your adventures!!!

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