that perfect hand…

In Ocean's 11, Danny said that "the house always wins. If you play long enough, never change the stakes, then the house takes you. Unless, when that perfect hand comes along, you bet big… and then, you take the house." Here's the hand I've been dealt, sometimes it's risky and sometimes it's safe, but all the time… it's perfect. It's mine.

you’re not going to believe this…


The tragic existence of my car named Bella continues… my neighbour backed out of the driveway and into my poor car who now is in need of a new fender and possibly a new door. Tragic I tell you, tragic.

2 thoughts on “you’re not going to believe this…

  1. Oh, NO!!!! That car has the worst luck!

  2. Unbelievable!! You should get a big truck…just the ‘powerful’ ora they give off would scare of the likes of burgulars and cars who would other wise get tough with it. lol…or maybe drive a ‘semi’…I always thought that’d be cool…

    Just some options…

    Mark loves researching vehicles and finding deals…so just let us know if you want him to get on the prowl for a truck:).

    hmm on second thought…what kind of guy would you attract with that kind of ride? Maybe the ‘help me’ vibe of Bella would be better-it’s nice to know guys who can help out with vehicle stuff.

    I am torn now.

    love ya

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