that perfect hand…

In Ocean's 11, Danny said that "the house always wins. If you play long enough, never change the stakes, then the house takes you. Unless, when that perfect hand comes along, you bet big… and then, you take the house." Here's the hand I've been dealt, sometimes it's risky and sometimes it's safe, but all the time… it's perfect. It's mine.

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Excuse me while I digress – I’ve had a long and difficult day. Some would attribute it to the fact that I messed up the cinnamon buns I was making (apparently I killed the yeast – who knew?) while others might think it’s because of my constant efforts to become Makenna or Elias’ favourite second cousin (or whatever I am) only to be batted and pushed away, literally, in the face. I am struggling.

But the truth is about this dang personal profile letter I have to write to my pending mentor teacher at the school I am going to be student teaching at. I have such a hard time selling myself and since it is supposed to be about confident and brave and smart and intelligent and admirable Kate, it’s very difficult to write when I screwed up a recipe, had hurt feelings by the people in my life that are less than two feet tall, and misused not one but three words over the course of the weekend which are probably making the other members in those three said conversations question themselves on whether or not I should even be teaching English.


Ergo, you all need to contribute to my statement. Consider this your opportunity to compliment me profusely in the comment section of this post. Kind of like those blog contests you see on the Pioneer Woman or something where the best answer to the contest question receives a prize. Only in this case there is no prize per say, just your own confidence in knowing you played some role in advancing that masterpiece that will eventually be labelled “Kate’s Career”… so if you’d be so obliged:

Why do you think I would make a good teacher? Why do you think the teaching profession is the one for me?

And OBVIOUSLY if you disagree with my career choice and me in it, feel free to comment on that as well… heck, it’ll make everything a lot more interesting. Nothing is going to make me feel any worse today. (Trav, if you feel the need to contribute to this, please remember that sarcasm is dead in written form so please be careful with my oh-so-fragile self esteem).

5-4-3-2-1… comment!

4 thoughts on “personal profile

  1. Well….

    You’re witty, funny, caring, charming and intellectual. (Did I spell that right?)

    You care about people FOR REAL and seems to me like you really think teaching is what you are supposed to BE.

    I hate those days too Kate…and believe me, I have them too.

    Time to get up, brush yourself off and write the best darn letter you’ve ever written!

  2. Kate… kate… KATE… If you weren’t so good with the English language, I wouldn’t point it out when you accidentally misuse/mispronounce a word. 🙂 I am absolutely horrible at doing that exact thing! In fact, as a software developer, I butcher the English language regularly adding suffixes like “able” to any noun and “ify” to any verb. As a teacher, you will always be right because you hold the answer key! Not sure if that is a good attitude but that is probably why I am not a teacher.

    Anyway…. You, my dear, just emanate teacher vibes. However, the authenticity emulation thing isn’t really working for you. 😛 You, as yourself, are a lot of fun and I know you will go on to be a good teacher and make many high-schoolers cringe at their lockers but thank you later in life for teaching them the difference between then/than and their/there/they’re. They really do need your help!

    Teaching is your passion and therefore it is what you are destined for.

  3. Way to comment under pressure, Chrissy. The authenticity of your post after our conversation at the hockey game really is waned.

    I love the use of emanation and emulation. Perfect. And, regardless for how it came into being, I appreciate your encouragement and your baby’s precious smiles.

    Oh well.

  4. You are going to be a teacher because it is innately part of who you are. You strive (whether you know it or not) to be the a good example- knowing full well it may be that example that will count in the end. You don’t want to be idolized, you want to inspire. You want kids to know their full potential so they can achieve whatever they put their minds to. You want to be a teacher because there have been people in your life that have affected you so deeply, so utterly, that you desire to do the same in someone else.

    You are going to be a fabulous teacher because you care about kids, you care enough to make a difference. It’s not about selling yourself. It’s about finding what makes your heart strings sing and letting the people who will make decisions know that you are in this for real, and you are honest and fully capable of being the best.

    Good luck!

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