that perfect hand…

In Ocean's 11, Danny said that "the house always wins. If you play long enough, never change the stakes, then the house takes you. Unless, when that perfect hand comes along, you bet big… and then, you take the house." Here's the hand I've been dealt, sometimes it's risky and sometimes it's safe, but all the time… it's perfect. It's mine.

for the love of rutherfords

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Life is messy. We get concerned, confused, worried, fearful, overwhelmed, hesitant, and discouraged over something… before it even takes place simply because we just know it is not going to happen the way we imagine it will; that even the best case scenario will undoubtedly be messy, not wrapped in a perfectly wrapped package with a bow.

But then I moved in with the Rutherfords.

I was apprehensive and scared to do this — not because of them, but because I was afraid that the special friendships we had began in my first year in Victoria might be jeaopardized by living with them in my second. (We all have living experiences that go awry and I didn’t want to sacrifice these relationships on account of a bedroom and a washer and dryer!) I wasn’t pessimistic, I just was slightly afraid. So as excited as I was to move in with them, I opted to have zero expectations and see where the year took me.

And I can honestly say that it far exeeded any expectations I may have thought and I was genuinely shocked (and still am) about how much of a wonderfully awesome fulfilling fantastic special hilarious inspired oh-so-close-to-perfect time it was living with them! Maybe it was all of the jokes with Logan or the thoughtful discussions with Connor or playing witness to many-a-milestone in Miss Makenna’s life (particularly her melt your heart giggle). And talks around the dinner table, hearing about Scott’s days in the classroom and his wisdom and humour and speedy “landlord-ness” to my lightbulb and cable needs. And having a friend in Ky — conversations, dieting attempts, mid-afternoon latte’s, and gentle concern and care for my life and my heart while attending to everyone else’s in the house and around her as well.

Some particular highlights:

-An S and K date night consists of going to Wal-mart and getting sweet deals! Awesome!
-“Pow wow” club meetings in my room were when Logan and Connor came in to have a talk about “stuff”.
-Just havin’ a “chill out” meant you could find Connor, Makenna, and I huddled under my duvet while we waited for the “storm” to pass (my bed being the ship!).
-Saturday morning breakfasts reminded me of Sunday mornings with my very own family.
-My car being broken into and stolen did little to hinder my choice of living situation (although it did make me question the safety of the neighbourhood!)
-Reading week and having more time to just spend with them and cook for them
-Connor musing “I wonder what John and Kate are up to tonight?”
-Makenna walking
-Logan reading and how excited he got to tell jokes, especially to Luke, or talk about the Vancouver Grizzlies, even when Darcy’s team (Powell River) could’ve used a new fan!
-My last day — taking Logan to UVic and the awesome conversations along the way (and the sweet time in the moments before I left with the other three)

But more importantly, that feeling of home — of coming home to 5 people genuinely happy to see me, curious about my day and life, and who radiate with the kindness and compassion and endurance and respect of the unconditional love that is family. And I am so blessed by the time and acceptance of me into yours, I loved being a constant part of your lives! You all mean the absolute world to me and I am forever grateful for all of the moments that made this year the best one yet, particularly that it started and ended with you.

I thank my God in all of my remembrance of you… for it is right for me to feel this way, since I hold you in my heart.

And thank you for the beautiful surprise that being there was — it was way better than I ever imagined it could be… the package wrapped and bowed in the utmost perfect care, making it way to hard to believe that it’s already over.

PS I miss you!

One thought on “for the love of rutherfords

  1. Awe Kate you brought tears to my eyes. We loved having you here so much. It was so special. You were so wonderful with our kids, so helpful to us and such a wonderful friend. We miss you so much!
    I know that because of this year you will always have a special place in our family. The kids always refer to our family as Mom, Dad, Logan, Connor, Makenna and Kate. You fit in perfectly 🙂 I also know that you are such a great friend to me and just because you have moved out doesn’t mean that has to change.
    I love you girly!

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