that perfect hand…

In Ocean's 11, Danny said that "the house always wins. If you play long enough, never change the stakes, then the house takes you. Unless, when that perfect hand comes along, you bet big… and then, you take the house." Here's the hand I've been dealt, sometimes it's risky and sometimes it's safe, but all the time… it's perfect. It's mine.


just an ordinary day

So I have been back in Penticton apprx. one week now and the two feelings clashing are “same old, same old” and “wow, I love my mom”. Not that they are really clashing, but it feels like nothing really has changed and for a self-proclaimed adventure-seeker, well, it should be enough that I am just reminded again how great my mom (and her house) is.

I started work on Thursday, so I was technically home only two days (not even unpacked — as a result of sheer laziness) before I went back to the regional district. I will admit, I was a little hesitant about returning because at the end of last summer I went to my boss with two fair, albeit major, concerns for the next (this) summer that would determine my return: different work (ie: no more filing) and higher wage (Tim Horton’s was paying a competitive wage to mine…and it included full benefits). With a promise to “work on it”, I was welcomed back to the RD in February but didn’t hear a peep about my concerns. So I was prepared to look at the outline for my job on my first day and walk out if it wasn’t satisfactory. (Not really, but I was unsure how I would handle another confrontation about my worthiness to the job when I am not the most confident person in those situations). Lo and behold, my job description has completely changed as they will be training me for Electoral and Municipal election prep and I will spend my summer preparing for the RD Director Elections come November (by then I will be long gone). Also, my wage went up so significantly I had to go sit in a bathroom stall and pray about it for awhile, to be 100% certain that it was okay for me to accept such an increase and I am still reeling by it. When God answers prayer, he does so in insurmountable ways. Enough of that. So needless to say, work is shaping up to being interesting this summer, with the continued tradition of JEANS on FRIDAYS and flip-flops and skirts and t-shirts standard apparel. Also, the guy from last summer that I had that ginormous crush on, see where I blogged about it here is still working there and he blushed when I asked him about his year. I am on a roll. Just kidding. And to top it off my one friend in Penticton also returned to work so yea, it’s nice to be back, in a roundabout way.

Although, it’s been so gorgeously sunny and warm that I am having a difficult time not finding excuses to leave work. Pretty soon I will be offering to treat everyone to Starbucks just so I can walk the lonnnnnnnnng way to the coffee shop (How? I don’t know yet, given that it’s right across the street). Today Mom and Jayme are in Salmon Arm for Jayme’s rep/Gold program soccer jamboree all day and Nathan is at work and I am just taking a break from sunning myself. Life is good.

My gym pass last year was a whopping $131 for two months. I was ecstatic when I went and renewed it for four months at the price it cost for two last year. Not bad.

Other than that, I have settled into my makeshift-room in the basement and after four years, it has become pretty cozy down here. I have a couple writing projects on the go and I anticipate some visitors, namely friends from the island and Calgary/Drum this summer. I also just got my grades from this semester’s courses and I was pleasantly surprised.

Which brings me to Victoria.

On a scale of good decision vs. bad decision, the pros and cons of moving out to the island compared to staying in Alberta are pretty hard to determine. See, I loved how small Victoria is to Calgary, but I did not enjoy Vic’s lacking in an Ikea and Olive Garden, only because I had come to appreciate those luxuries. While I loved the lack of snow over the winter months, I missed not being able to see my breath in the morning or being able to wear my cute touques and mitts I had accumulated over the years. While I didn’t mind U of C or MRC, UVic has been an awesome vessel for change in my own academics and its Humanities focus benefited me tenfold, so I know Victoria is the best place for me academically. Even though it was awesome being able to reconnect and witness to old friends from home and new friends met this year, I definitely missed those who grew close to my heart that I left behind (ie: Leanne). And while the Josoks, Rutherfords, Simpsons, Trav and Chrissy, Marli and Dad being so close were such a blessing by way of family in Victoria, I absolutely missed Steve and Megan, Jes and Mark, and Mark’s family (especially Brian hahaha) being either a stone’s throw or a three hour drive away. And in EITHER case, my mom is neither place so it doesn’t even really seem fair to choose Calgary over Victoria while she’s here. 🙂 So I just realized one or two highly significant things:

1. Comparison is not worth it. I am just blessed beyond measure for my life and the time I had in Alberta that allows me to have a place/places to miss while I am enjoying my time in Victoria. They both rock, and both times I went to Camrose this year I felt a huge sense of relief like “I am home”… so maybe, in God’s weird way, leaving forced me to appreciate it. But leaving also helped me grow away from what I was trying to leave behind. So there’s that.

2. I still need a husband. For many of the obvious reasons, but right now I just wish I had another person to base decisions on. Being free to do what I want is a tricky thing. Who knows, I might even be back in Alberta before you know it.