that perfect hand…

In Ocean's 11, Danny said that "the house always wins. If you play long enough, never change the stakes, then the house takes you. Unless, when that perfect hand comes along, you bet big… and then, you take the house." Here's the hand I've been dealt, sometimes it's risky and sometimes it's safe, but all the time… it's perfect. It's mine.


shaken iced green tea lemonade

So I love this drink at Starbucks in the spring-summer time. I thought I would try to imitate it by making my own iced green tea. A little of this and a little of that later, I had what tastes EXACTLY like the Starbucks drink! Yet another conventional way to save money…make it yourself:

1.5 L of boiling water

4 green tea bags

1/2 cup of sugar

Between 1/8 cup and 1/4 cup (depends on how lemony you want it) lemon juice.

Put the teabags and hot water in a pitcher. Add the rest right away, stir, and let steep/chill in the fridge for X number of hours.




just because he did

Dan is such an inspiration to me — the fact that I am still in school 4 years later… and he JUST PASSED HIS FLYING EXAM after only 3 months this morning!! Needless to say, we’re all pretty fired up around here for him – and his perma-grin is the best thing ever. I guess he must be safe to ride with, but I am too terrified, I still won’t pester him for a flight for atleast ten years… just kidding.

To pat his own back for him, his instructor said it was the best training session he’s ever had with a up-and-coming pilot. In other words, Dan rock their socks off… both in the flying and the written. Very, very cool. So here are some pictures they took of him in his little ‘copter.

Onwards and UP wards… way to go Maverick! (That’s the only pilot [name] I could think of — aside from U. Mark) Tonight we’re going to celebrate… with a drink and going to the movies. 🙂




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thoughts of past

 Those who know what they’ve been given live a totally different life than those who are unaware.

I was reading my journal from over two years ago and I came across an entry that made me smile a bit. I’ve stolen this idea, of typing out my old thoughts, from the daily devotional that I have been working through — Jes is using the same one but I maintain I bought it by chance after she did, arguably though, because as the little sister, it’s my right to be a copy-cat.

I am astounded by how different life can get from where we were a time before but I am equally amazed by how ponderings from a few years ago can be exactly the same as they are now.

What does God say about attention? Does He call us to make it about us or about others? How self absorbed can we be? Is it right to turn attention solely on ourselves? Relating other peoples’ trials and stories to something similar that’s happen to us? I struggle with those who do this. I don’t understand the word/letter “I”. When a person uses the letter “I” more often than not at the start of a sentence, idea, or thought. How can you force someone to pay attention to you or ask you what needs to be asked, without coming out and saying it yourself? How can we be inclined people to pick up on what others are going through if we’re constantly stuck on ourselves?

I want to be questioned. I want someone to reach out to me. I want to be captivated by You. I want to trust you Lord. I desire to do what I want because everything is in place. I want to know that I don’t need to worry or wonder about the things that matter to me. I wasn’t to be open about what I care or who I care about so that I can care fully. Notice the trend? I, I, I! I: am unsure, untrusting, unaware, worrying, afraid, not confident, hypocritical, lonely, unsatisfied… I, I, I. Who fulfills that? Why can’t we stop “I” and start “You”? How can I so desperately want to write yet never spend time doing it? How can I be so judgmental about others selfishness, and self absorbance, wanting them to pay attention to me when that makes me exactly the same as my claim? Probably because “I” really isn’t good enough. “I” will never measure up. “I” needs to be “We”…with Jesus. Lord help me to know what your intent, whether I understand it or not…whether I trust it or not… definitely doesn’t have room for my selfish tendencies. I need to be We so that little things, like how often people use “I” or focus on themselves, doesn’t bother me so much.

Atleast You loves us too much to leave us the same. Right? I hope so. 

Sarah Arthur, the author of the devo writes “he’ll see me — a straggling, selfish little girl —  he’ll turn abd begin to run full tilt to meet me where I am.” I like that. Yes, I.


put it this way

I need an overhaul. Kinda like that show. I need someone who cares about me to steal me away, overhaul me-renovate me-re-furbish me-shine me up-and plop me back into this life again. Really. At least, I was beginning to think so. Sometimes I am not sure.

I was reading a housing listing in the paper this afternoon. I exchanged every “home” or “house” or “it” with the words “Me” or “Woman” or “Wife” or “She”.  Figured this might be an insight into my life?

So, check this out:

“Needs renovation. Woman available at low cost, inspection needed, and she is showing her age. Will be able to have no sooner than June 2009, the cost of the wife is subject to change providing increases in the market”

“Woman has nice view. Overlooking the quiet, serene waters of the bay. Very expensive to maintain but could be rewarding if you wish to resell her”

“Wife on the corner. Not much to look at but in excellent location”

“Woman gone through multiple renovations, increased the quality of her exponentially. Still needs work but she’s worth more after the renos than before”

“Wife for sale, in the middle of renovations. Needs imaginative and skilled owner to finish the job. Will be transformed in no time”

“Old woman in low-end neighbourhood. After extensive work and cleaning you won’t recognize her”

“Fashion her to your desire! Woman built to your standards. Call toll-free”

“Tired of the same old thing? Give your woman a face-lift. Improvements always welcomed”

“First time wife-owner? Careful! She is harder than you think”

“Woman to rent. Comes furnished”

“Woman to rent. Fits up to 4 people. No pets. Students need not call”

Sometimes I think of myself like that:  always being negotiated or stripped down or needing improvement. In need of an overhaul.

What I really want is this kind of ad:

“Woman; not expensive, but fairly priced; ready as-is, no improvement necessary; inspection passed with flying colours; rave reviews; prior owners left because they weren’t able to maintain it in it’s original fashion; if you’re right for it, you will love it just simply for being its own. Cozy, open, lots of light and amazing view”

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the exact conversation

Kate Stam wrote
at 3:34pm on March 17th, 2008
Don’t let it go to your head. Any more than it already has, atleast.
Luke Hughson wrote
at 11:56am on March 17th, 2008
HAHA I think you just need to accept my dominance at killer bunnies kate… your anger only makes victory that much sweeter for me.
Kate Stam wrote
at 7:21pm on March 15th, 2008
you’re going to be destroyed. nobody beats me three times and gets away with it. I suggest you sleep with a light on.
I am still RAGING!!!



You know when something gets ‘played out’ and you don’t want to do it, listen to it, play it, eat it, drive it, read it, study it, make it, bathe with it, etc etc for a long time?


That’s Killer Bunnies. I was over it. At Christmas we played a fair bit but I was starting to feel like ‘enough is enough’ after apprx. a year of playing it, it was feeling like it was the only game that exists. And there is nothing worse than a habitual thing that you get challenged on: after playing for a long time, two people decide that I’ve taught them wrong (Scott;Trav)…and read the directions…and it’s true, I had been playing it wrong for a long time. So I was over it. I hate habits (except for working out and my morning routine) so I didn’t want to play again for awhile. The last time I played I think was some Sunday in early January when Luke and I were baking and I taught him and Dan how to play. It sucked. I hated the whole experience. I hated that I lost to Luke. And I hated that they just didn’t get what the pink rectangles on the left hand side meant. I was enraged. So I quit playing.

Last night however, apprx. 2 months since that fateful day, Suzanne came over and since she overexerted herself playing squash and her body was in dire stress (we had planned to go play a pick up game of slo-pitch), she came over in anticipation of potentially playing Killer Bunnies. Puh-leeze. [I wanted to lie and say I gave up KB for Lent but I refrained]. I hummed, hawed, and scoffed before peeling myself off my bed and said ‘fine‘ in a really obnoxious voice — which was well rehearsed in the anticipation that someone soon would want to play.

We decided to get Luke over here, since Prison Break is over for the season and we haven’t had our weekly dosage of Prison Break or each other’s company, he was all too happy to oblige. We set up the game, had a bowl of mom’s dried apples, mini eggs, Enrique Iglesias’ (no joke) cd playing in the background, and a couple bottles of Luke’s home-brew and went to work.

Word from the wise: Give up your hated habit for a time and you will come back to be energized. I have never played such awesome [two games] of Killer Bunnies. No offense to the Zunics or Hagens or anyone else I played with regularly…it’s just the truth (which hurts sometimes). Luke is cunning and ruthless, with a poker face that makes you believe that he’s a kind soul. Suzanne is too concerned with making sure her ‘cute little guys’ stay alive that she believes the strategy is being kind to others. I just play to win. And it was awesome. I felt alive. I wish I was exaggerating. But it was funny and exhilarating… and it was such a solid representation that I did not rage blackout when Luke won both games. I threatened to curb stomp him — and other pseudo-action movie style moves — but I refrained in grace. Honestly, it was like Survivor. I totally thought with the footsie-ing and sly looks that Luke and I had an alliance going but in the blink of an eye, all my bunnies were dead and I had one carrot to my name. Brilliant. I deserved it for my severe lack of wanting to play.

KB is NOT the new PB (Prison Break — if I’ve lost you): Michael Scofield and Lincoln Burrows are far more exciting to watch than the Cyber Bunny trump Suzanne’s entire bunny family locked in by barriers, though that is a close contest… but this long winded story is to say: brush off your Yahtzee, sharpen your pool cue, oil your Botchee balls, and get back in the game. 

I am refreshed and ready to kill you [r bunnies].



i love a guy…

…who loves his mom.

There is a guy in my English class that is constantly talking on his cell phone to his mom. Sometimes I catch him saying ‘mama’ or ‘mother’ but for the most part, he affectionately discusses his life with ‘mom’. I don’t eavesdrop necessarily — we’re just always wating for class together and he’s always on the phone. Sometimes I am not sure it’s his mom, but I often am there for when the phone rings [Hey Mom! I miss you] or when he’s saying goodbye [I love you mama!] or mid convo [Oh stop it Mom, you’re embarrassing me!] All the while, he’s discussing things from his love interests to not being called back by a girl to work and school to what he did the night before. A few times his phone has actually rang at the very onset of class and he goes “HEY MOM” and jumps out of his desk and runs out of the room, not returning for about 14.7 minutes.

I find this endearing. I love my mama too, but I don’t know many guys who actually stop in the middle of the day… obviously more than that… to show his mama some love. I kinda want to ask him about her.

Now, I am sitting in the comp. lab at UVic right now, minding my research when some guy’s phone just rang and he answered, real loud, “Hey Mom, I was just going to call you!” and lo and behold, it’s the dude from English. English doesn’t start for another hour.5 or so, proving they talk more than once per day, and he just ran out of the lab to chat with her… I think it’s hilarious.

I also just realized my creep-value because he’s sitting across from me in the lab and I am writing a blog about him. Perchance I can take a picture of him, talking to his mama, on my own phone… I will then update this post.

In other words, thank goodness it’s Friday.