that perfect hand…

In Ocean's 11, Danny said that "the house always wins. If you play long enough, never change the stakes, then the house takes you. Unless, when that perfect hand comes along, you bet big… and then, you take the house." Here's the hand I've been dealt, sometimes it's risky and sometimes it's safe, but all the time… it's perfect. It's mine.


guess what?

Tonight I cooked my first meal in my kitchen that is semi-operational!! Not even kidding, I made chow mein, ginger beef, sweet ‘n sour pork, beef/broccoli, and egg rolls!! It was a magnificent feast with a couple guys from home followed by episode 2 of Prison Break’s new season. What a relief… I spent the entire evening going over in my head, “I could (and will) get used to this!”

Now the pay-back dinners to family and friends who have fed me for three weeks will begin!


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live from VICTORIA it’s tuesday night!

Substantially better mood the last 72 hours. I fixed my computer… rather, my cousins did which was fantastic. So unless Travis decides to add some extra zeros on the blank cheque I signed over to him, I am a lot happier than if I would’ve had to buy a new machine. It was a fun day, helping Chrissy pack up dishes and just being a nuiscance to them but I figure the favour will be returned one day.

Last night was the season premiere of PRISON BREAK!!! After an unreal fresh salmon meal by Auntie Sylvia, I came home and sat on the edge of my seat for an hour (as all of you Prison Break watchers know, it’s ridiculously intense). A couple friends from home came over and I think it’s now going to be a Monday night event… I mean, what is better than 4 fanatics congregating for 60 minutes in a week? Not much. (You know your life is lacking in much meaning when your blog is consumed by make believe!)

We get our counter tops installed hopefully TONIGHT. Then BAM, sink, dishwasher… all we need is power hooked up and you all will be getting dinner invitations. Still no sign of Dan but I am waiting in anticipation for that.

School is good… UVic is completely my pace, style, and comfort for the time being. The people I have met are absolutely fantastic and EVERYONE thanks the bus driver when they get off the bus! Like, who does that? As I was saying to TandC, I am learning. It’s like culture shock from being in Alberta.

On that note, I got off the bus in a different area today, assuming that I was being more effective if I got off at a different spot and walked home, rather than getting my transfer to the next bus (since I need two to get home). Turns out the road we were on kept going farther and farther AWAY from where I needed to be and I guestimate that I walked close to 18 blocks in a full circle (since I don’t know where I am in Victoria still…no roads make sense)…. before walking another 10 home. Are you embarrassed for me? I am.

That’s about it for now I guess. I just got home from the gym and I am about to eat a salad… have I mentioned how fired up I am about being able to COOK???




I was talking to a coworker about a month ago about how smoothly things seem to slide into place for my move to Victoria. I shared with her about my acceptance to Victoria (and lack of acceptance to Lethbridge), which explicitly removed any decision making; finding a place so quickly; having most of my courses transfer easily; and genuinely just feeling God’s peace surround this transition in my life.

Then when I got here what was intended for catching up with dear friends and family has evolved into an unnecessary string of difficulties that are leaving me wavering on tip-toe, trying to hold my balance. From computer troubles to a lacking-home; from tears, trials, and arguments with family to not checking if my class room changed, resulting in missing my writing class. All of these things may sound miniscule to some… but reality is for me that I am not very often shaken. I think about stress and pain and confusion…emotions and dealings most people have often times in their lives..but when I look at mine, I’ve had a pretty ‘easy’ go of it. So naturally, when God decides to rock my world… he does in full force. And it’s really new for me…this concept of trusting him. Or trying to understand.

I went to Powell River this past weekend with Marli and Dad… genuinely desiring to leave and just think about things (and how I was going to solve them). Mars and I wee in a litle gift shop when I came across this card that said:

“Each new wave re-arranges the patterns in the sand so we may pretend our footsteps are the first.”

I liked that. Although the relation to my predicament is slightly obscure, I really found comfort in that. Simply put, I like to be in control. I like to know and believe that what I am doing is so uniquely my own that I forget people have come before me and done what I’ve done and mess up like I mess up. We have the same struggles and fears… and yet with God, he allows us to experience them individually… for each suffering or meager sadness and problems we deal with become our own, simply because he finds is necessary for it to happen. Necessary for me to grow from it. Rather than independent of need, he makes us dependent of Him. And that’s how I know there is reason for this. Because as I found it too easy, too calm to get here… so God sees fit to rattle me out of my comfort. You know what I mean? I am sorry if it’s out of control.

And typical, in my morning devotions yesterday and today, I was given two awesome words. So here, maybe they will help you too:

“He has made everything beautiful in its time. He also set eternity in the hearts of men; yet they cannot fathom what God has done from the beginning to the end.” – Eccl. 3:11

And what I needed the most,

“The LORD will fight for you…you need only to be still.” – Ex. 14:14

Praise God for His mercies. And reminding me that this wave, and my footprints, too shall pass.

Sorry for the babbling!


taste of home

Here’s PART of our home!! Adrienne, my roommate, took them so she didn’t get any of my room or my bathroom but I will post all once everything is completely done! See, doesn’t it LOOK like a potentially sweet home? Yes… I thought so to. I especially love that our kitchen/dining room are separated from the living room by a half wall and a beam. I think it’s perfect. But pay attention to detail…and remember with no power in a kitchen or counter tops, cooking is limited to sandwich makers, toaster ovens, and a microwave… plugged into an extension cord in our bedrooms. We deal with it… but emotions are running high!! haha


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Hey guys, I will write as soon as life settles down immensely. A detailed little letter anyways… but I just wanted to ask for your prayers. Our house isn’t done and in a new development, I need to buy a new computer. So not only is this a huge inconvenience, but it’s an expense I didn’t count on. The unfortunate thing is being an english major (and universitys becoming increasingly more digital) a computer is necessary. So I am scared about how much it will cost and how much the expense will set me back. As I said, I covet your prayers in this unexpected issue but also in my search for a new job.

Thank you… and I will get back to you soon!




Bear with me, my computer crashed so I am using my roommates MACBOOK and I can’t seem to figure it out!!

So far thnigs are ok. Been on the island since last Tuesday so about 10 days give or take. I am liking it but feeling out of sorts. Our home is not finished so it’s hard to move in and feel at home when the landlord is coming and going fixing things up. He’s a slow mover so it’ll take him a day to do ONE thing, then a DAY to do another and so on…. I forget that everyone is not my Dad and a carpentry machine but even an amateur would see how ridiculous our situation is!!!

For example we don’t have power in the kitchen, a kitchen sink, or counter tops…. so cooking consists of an extension cord to the microwave or toaster oven (which also doubles as the power source to the TV). I am feeling malnourished and awkward. But that’s alright. As my friend Paul would say ‘you wanted an adventure’ so hey, I will take it!

UVic is gorgeous… I love the campus and how small it is… U of C doesn’t hold a candle to it… no offense but it’s true. I start classes tomorrow and I am thrilled… I hate the down time of being here (slightly homeless) and just chilling. So I will start tomorrow at 8:30 and will be done at 2:30. Just in time to hit the gym and potentially go down to the beach. I love having all my close friends from Smithers here because they know where to go and what to do, makes it more like moving ‘home’ than moving to a new ‘city’.

My emotions range from nervous to excited to overwhelmed to apprehensive to bothered. Trav and Chrissy have my computer so I am holding onto hope that it can be fixed… I really cannot afford to replace it. So here’s to hoping!!

Weird: I miss Calgary. It was my home for three ish years and I very much feel like I could use the comfort of home for a minute… but that’s ok, the first week always is like that so bring on week two!!!

Sorry this isn’t exciting, I am just in the market to update you all and say it’s good to be here. Feels right.