that perfect hand…

In Ocean's 11, Danny said that "the house always wins. If you play long enough, never change the stakes, then the house takes you. Unless, when that perfect hand comes along, you bet big… and then, you take the house." Here's the hand I've been dealt, sometimes it's risky and sometimes it's safe, but all the time… it's perfect. It's mine.


live from penticton it’s SATURDAY NIGHT

Looks like we’re having fun, huh? When Jes and Mark were here, one of the activities was a picnic at Sun-Oka Beach in Summerland, here’s pictographic representation of a moment with Dad. Not bad hey? I’d say ‘Kate lay off the eye make up’ but I really believe it’s a shadow because I did not layer on the M.A.C. that morning. Anyways, just wanted to share that with you.

For the record, my summer vacation is over in T-2 days. I figured I should pay homage to my work place and how desperately I am going to miss them and the lifestyle after four concentrated months… but I am not. The way I see it is that God grants us opportunity where He sees fit. By receipt of these opportunities do we cultivate experience, and only after which do we recognize the parts of an experience as invaluable. Or not.

I guess ultimately I am really trying to get to a place where my life and God’s plan go hand in hand. I am not saying that He didn’t desire me to work at the RDOS again this summer, I just know that He hasn’t planned regional government in my future. Or if He has, I am not aware of it yet. Basically, I believe that as I spend time really counselling with Him and in His word, His plan is revealing itself and I am more excited about the possibility in that than I am sad about what I am leaving behind. (Although none of my coworkers read this blog so they’d shoot me in the foot if they knew I wasn’t crying about it).

I take away some extremely invaluable experiences from the RDOS, specific to this summer. I learnt that I have a long way to go in ‘upping’ my patient quotient; expanding in my tolerance. My knowledge of customer service is extended beyond taking their bill payments and answering their phone calls. I recognize now that every person has a story, a feeling, a belief that they do not bring to the office, and that the human being is a unique creation beyond anything I will ever be able to comprehend. For each voice and personality at the RDOS are so different that I got to sample parts of them and add what I desired to my own character. I also got to recognize in myself what I would like to leave behind. For that, I am indebted to each one.

So here we go, off again, and probably back next summer. But, aside from seeing my crush, on that guy, I don’t think I will be looking in anticipation for my arrival to the office again. It’s time to go out, to a new school, new city, and I will take parts of those people, those experiences and create another chapter of my story. Maybe I will even let someone else take the pen for awhile. Either way, there’s no sadness in it. Merely anticipation of who I can share these people with.

How’s that for homage to my summer job, my friends, my crush (which is more like a full on ‘like’ now but that’s another story)?

Arrivederci mes amigos! (yes, I know that’s two different languages)

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time flies

Jes and Mark were just here for a week, and today I just remembered that I am NOT going back to Alberta so who knows when I will get to see them again! It is enough to make me question my decision a little bit, but not enough t orethink it entirely… plus Thanksgiving in Saskatchewan could be a wonderful event!

Aside from my minor melancholy, them leaving for Camrose again marks another moment: it’s the end of summer. In 8 days I will be leaving the regional district after another brilliant summer and in 9 days we will leave for the island and in 10 days I should be moving into my new home. That’s a lot of stuff going on if you ask me. This part of the year hits me in two ways, as I assume it does for everyone: sad to leave home but fired up about things to come. Aside from leaving my crush (which will be decidedly easy) and home, I feel like it’s shaping up to being a good move and a fantastic year. Who knows though, I can be overly optimistic. Just kidding.

So Jes and Mark, I promise it will be like it was when I was in Calgary… show up every available weekend and outstay way past my welcome. But it’s time to go! Yay!


let’s talk… advice

I think advice is hilarious… in fact, my sister and brother in law are here and while we were at the beach today (that’s right, I had a day off… which included some brilliant wine tasting!) with Nate, Jayme, and Mom we had a rare occurrence that had Mark suggesting I blog about advice… so hopefully I can do it some sort of justice, aside from it being a “had to be there” moment(s).

The reason behind the fantastic humour that I find in advice is that there are so many types of it. And so often, the kinds of advice we get or recieve are that ones that we just don’t want.

1. The Parental Advice – this type is what we don’t always want to hear but know they are probably right speech. Difficult to stomach when you’re a teenager, invaluable when you’re trying to do something they id or know alllll about. “Back when I was your age…”

2. The Unwarranted Advice – this advice is the kind you recieve when someone, potentially thinking they have your best interests at heart, assumes by something you’ve said or written or acted or didn’t show up for, that they have some powerful words to help you through “it”, even though in your head, there is “nothing” that needs advising… heck, we all know what happens when we assume… “Not that it’s any of my business, but I am going to make it my business, what’s with that look on your face today?”

3. The Friendly Advice – this category might be the easiest to handle, because the person giving it to you is not attacking you or telling you how it is, they simply may phrase it like “I wouldn’t do that…. but what do I know.” It’s safe, where if you’re the one giving it, you can say “Well, I tried” and the person recieving it can say “Thanks but no.”

4. The Advice Asked-For – when you need advice and you get it, but not in the form of by which you so desired. Basically: you had a stress-flash, needed advising, and either took it or not, but was more a way you could justify venting about your world. “HELP”

5. The Timely-Silent Advice – when a family member or friend or acquaintence advises you but doesn’t realize that you needed that at a specific, that specific, moment. When someone tells you just to “go with the flow and relax” yet they have no idea you just were 30 mins late for your job interview.

6. The Annoying Advice – when someone tells you something because they know-OH-SO-much better than you… but what they tell you, you already know (and have heard a thousand times before. It’s like reminding someone to breathe. “Just do it, trust me it’ll keep you alive. I’ve done it.”

7. A Man’s Advice – just let it go. “Don’t you think you’re making a big deal about it?”

8. A Woman’s Advice – you need to talk about it, let’s all get a java and sit on the deck and hack out our feelings. “I have so, like, been there before, girl…”

9. The Guy-at-the-Beach Advice (to the lady beside him, all too loudly)- “I think you just need to get out of debt seriously just get working and take care if it INTERJECTION: kids get lost (his own kids), it costs a lot to get to the beach, if I wanted to spend all day talking to you, I would kept you at home now let me talk about adult stuff. RETURN: No seriously, just tuck a nip (WHAT?) and have some fun. Also, kids (tlaking to his kids who never got-lost), a speedo is the biggest faux-pas ever. Like, keep those (you-know-what) in long baggy trunks not for the world to see, I mean… it’s just disgusting. What’s yours is yours and mine is mine. No speedos…. ” This was his rant, all too loudly, for our entirety of our beach afternoon… it was so ridiculous, I can’t even begin to get into detail. But his advice was just a category on it’s own, and since my site is g-rated, I definitely cannot share.. I just thought when I saw him that he was a regular, run of the mill kind a man, who knew he was a regular Dr. Phil. No seriously.

And finally,

10. The Best Advice – things you hope to hear and then VOILA! your friend tells you, without any form of convincing. “Who cares if he’s 30?”

That’s right. 30 is the new 22. That’d make me … 14? Nevermind. Thanks, Leanne.




I have a big, rather ginormous, crush on a guy at work. I wish I was kidding, but I completely, one hundred percent, mean it, I have a crush. It’s been sooo long since I’ve had one of these, I had almost forgot what that meant. I mean, I’ve full on liked people or maybe loved someone in the last 5 years, but it’s been ages since I have had a crush.

And it rocks.

All I know about the guy is his name, where he lives (not exactly…I am not a creep), that he’s not married, what department of the government he works in, and that I make him laugh. I don’t know anything else. Literally. I don’t know how old he is, if he’s single, if he likes to play basketball or knit, if he likes sugar in his coffee, or if he even likes coffee. I know he likes beer once in awhile and that he likes to camp, but that’s because I overheard him talking about it on the phone when I went to bring him his mail. Truthfully, he might be the most opposing personality to mine ever, but I wouldn’t know that at this point. All I do know is that when he talks to me or awkwardly is in the lunch room with me or has to call the front and I answer, I get fired right up. It’s relatively childish; absolutely hilarious.

One of the secretaries in the office is a good friend of mine, she’s hilarious too. And we spend the day laughing at each other, especially yesterday, given that it was the hairiest day in a regional government office since regional governments even emerged… we both have a “what’s life if you can’t smile” attitude towards work. Anyways, she got wind that I may have a crush on one of the guys at work and she promised to bring him to lunch with us (she’s taking me for an almost-last-day lunch at the end of the month). Rather than just letting it be, she proceeded to list the entire roster of all the guys in her department (I won’t say what it is because it would narrow it right down to who the guy is, therefore, I think if something was to ever transpire between us, he would be mortified I prematurely blogged about him). But seriously, I got a list of 15+ MEN in my e-mail to choose from! So I said “ALL OF THEM,” to try to hide it.

Unfortunately, she figured it out quite quickly, given that I am a terrible liar. So not only do I have an office crush, it’s not so secret anymore! We were even talking about him on the phone and then I noticed him BEHIND ME. It was an embarrassment that I pulled off with such grace… yeah right.

So yea, I don’t think I ever was mature enough to understand how immature a crush is. Or unvalidated. But I can honestly say that for the next four weeks, while I am “crushing on” this guy, my heart will go pitter-patter. Isn’t that ridiculous. I sooo, like, totally have a crush. Groovy.