that perfect hand…

In Ocean's 11, Danny said that "the house always wins. If you play long enough, never change the stakes, then the house takes you. Unless, when that perfect hand comes along, you bet big… and then, you take the house." Here's the hand I've been dealt, sometimes it's risky and sometimes it's safe, but all the time… it's perfect. It's mine.

diamonds in the rough


My mom talks a lot about seeing the “extraordinary in the ordinary” and I want to look at things in life like that. Kind of like diamonds in the rough, sometimes we have to search for these rare gems and find the beauty in things that may not appear to be. Or more importantly: Finding the extraordinary in the ordinary that someone else may over look. So I spent my drive home yesterday thinking of the things I find beautiful, that go past a sunset on the oceans surface or the snow on a Christmas morning:

~a hot bath after a long day
~skating so fast at night on the lake when all I can see is my breath from the cold and the starry sky
~Dave Matthews, Tom Petty, John Mayer, Bryan Adams, and the Red Hot Chilli Peppers
~Staying up super late, playing basketball in the parking lot, and wishing time would stand still
~driving with the ‘top down’ on the bug in the middle of the summer
~A good book
~Going into someone’s room and looking at everything on the walls… a self portrait without even meaning to be
~thunderstorms any natural phenomenon.
~the power of prayer
~Driving alone at night, for a long ways blasting Mark Perry (any Smithers residents soundtrack for life 😉
~Silver jewelry
~Chats with my sisters and mom
~Strawberry marshmallow candies and cream soda
~Spending time with my Dad.
~Dreams (and not sleepy dreams, but life-dreams…especially hearing other peoples)
~Long hair
~Living in residence, only 5 doors down from one of your new best friends
~One Tree Hill, Ocean’s 11, Blood Diamond, and Prison Break
~Movie nights where I fall asleep and wake up to find everyone else doing the same
~Adrenaline rushes, risks, and forgetting who you are for a moment
~An unexpected phonecall from a dear friend
~Iced tea with peppermint
~The feeling that the song “Who Wouldn’t Wanna Be Me” by Keith Urban, reminds me of, and makes me want to feel.
~John 15:13
~The serious side.
~Jumping on the trampoline with soap and water
~Playing first base
~Calgary’s skyline; Camrose’s simplicity; Prairie sunsets
~Independence; Innocence
~Swimming at night
~When he looks at her “that way” and she keeps his secrets: observing from afar
~Smithers moments
~Smiling at someone who needs it
~Ken’s aunt’s cabin out in Kananaskis, and the moments along with it
~The smell outside after the rain
~Steak, medium rare
~The way anyone can always make me laugh
~Reliability and freedom
~Feeling to never forget such as: walking down the aisle at grad or when I saw Jayme for the first time
~Knowing who I can cry to; who to trust.
~Wishing on the stars
~My fleece blanket
~Family gatherings
~Talking to you—listening to you
~Wearing socks to bed then taking them off in the middle of the night.
~Crawling out my window in my old room in Smithers to lay on the grass when I couldn’t sleep
~How I never know your voice on the phone
~Wet hair
~Pictures, photo albums, yearbooks and old letters
~The gingerbread my mom makes
~Laying on a dock, counting shooting stars, at Tyhee Lake
~Seeing someone for the first time, after a long time
~Swiss Pride
~Arguing with someone even if you know you’re wrong
~My quicksilver toque
~Being deliriously happy
~Curb sitting
~Knowing that there will forever be something to come home for.

and most importantly,

~A feeling that nothing will ever be the same. For if it was the same, I wouldn’t grow. And because it changes, I have hope.

I know it’s long, and I am sorry for that, but it’s on my heart… so tell me, what do you find extraordinary? What are some of your diamonds in the rough?

xo your Kate

8 thoughts on “diamonds in the rough

  1. brand new socks

  2. haha! I cant believe I MISSED that!

  3. My children. Birth. Nursing my babies. Taking care of them when they are sick and they lay in my arms sweaty and hot. Cuddling my little boy when he crawls between my covers in the morning! Watching my kids explore and discover God’s amazing creation. Being stunned and fascinated at how much information children retain and regurgitate at the right (and wrong!) times!
    Icicles, First frost of autumn. First sound of spring- dripping water and robins singing! The smell of the ocean, spray of the salt water
    Chubby knees, little feet, toothless grins (of babies!)
    Scuba diving…
    and much much more!

  4. hey kate…
    here’s that longed comment made just for you… i love how you write its amazing…its such a joy to read everyday… well beautiful kate have fun studying and ttyl… brooke
    ps infanite x’s and o’s

  5. the first breath of fresh air on a cool spring morning.

    stapling together a paper that took you way to long to write.

  6. Oh, Kate I love how well you put feelings into words. Something I sure don’t do very well. I have to say that the most amazing feeling is feeling a baby move inside you and know that it’s a new life. And so much more…

  7. Unexpected MSN Chats with a sister. That and driving really fast with loud music.. hmm safe:P
    Oh yah and the Okanagan sunshine or the sound and smell of pouring rain.
    So there you go.. I finally commented:)

  8. Hi Kate… sometimes I hop from Megan’s blog to yours and I have to say, I always leave encouraged and feeling better. You have a real gift for writing, and a real genuine way of expressing your feelings through words that resonate within each one of your reader’s hearts.
    I hope that you are doing well, and that you keep sharing the happenings of your life…

    Billiejean xx

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