that perfect hand…

In Ocean's 11, Danny said that "the house always wins. If you play long enough, never change the stakes, then the house takes you. Unless, when that perfect hand comes along, you bet big… and then, you take the house." Here's the hand I've been dealt, sometimes it's risky and sometimes it's safe, but all the time… it's perfect. It's mine.



My boyfriend. I have been debating for the last few weeks whether I should show you guys my new man, as he is currently running from the law since breaking out of prison last spring. We rendezvous when he can but he stays in hiding most of the time. Him and his brother are innocent of their crimes, and last week when I saw him, the president was going to set them free. This would’ve been wonderful because I could have brought him home for the summer or to Camrose next weekend, but it turns out, the president did not follow through on her promise.

So I just wait. It’s very agonizing, as I don’t know when I will see him next. He sneaks around, leaving me origami cranes on my pillow and the seat of my car to let me know he’s near by. I just hope this is all over soon so I can take him to meet my mom and start planning our wedding.

Here he is, Michael Scofield. Isn’t he beautiful? I mean, I am a little biased but I think you would all agree.

12 thoughts on “introducing..

  1. Ummmm… I’ve heard of crazy celebrity crushes before, but really, this blog entry takes the cake!
    I think your mother would really love the body tatoo he has…. haha

  2. hey, don’t laugh. it’s a serious relationship.

    (do you watch Prison Break? It’s my favourite show. Next to One Tree Hill, that is)

  3. Haha, glad to see that you found something to do after finishing all that you can of your fav show. But blogging about it can’t be as good as watching the real live man, hey? 😉

  4. its true. i just want him to come home so we can cuddle.

  5. ha. good luck on that.
    No I don’t have TV. I don’t watch the show. I actually looked up his name in wilkipedia to find out who you were talking about. 🙂
    Kids kind of take the top of your priority list (TV would be non-existant on my list)! Besides, I have a hunky handsome husband :)and he comes home every night!

  6. way to rub it in. way to RUB IT IN

  7. Ya, here’s some salt…
    We like to snuggle nice and close in the morning! Nice cuddles! All warm and cozy (well usually in the morning D is in the middle getting his share… but still!)
    😀 LOL
    (yes, I’m a brat)

  8. i dont know if i have posted anything on here beofre kate, but this is the final straw! you cant have him as a boyfriend..theres only one problem..hes taken..BY ME!!!AND YOU CANT PRY HIM FROM MY DEATH GRIP I GOT ON HIM!!ILL NEVR LET HIM GO!!!!!!HEHE

  9. My gosh… I wonder if this guy knows about the drama that happens concerning him. You guys are crazy. Kate… your cuddles will come soon. 10 comments on this one.. nice work!!

  10. I have to say Kate you sure had me going! I never watch that show either so I didn’t know how to take your post! You are such a great writer! Talk your mom into moving to the island would you? blessings, Auntie Sylvia

  11. Kate! I love that show! It’s definitely one of my favorites! haha I was actually just trying to watch it on I’m a little behind in the show and we don’t have tv here but I’ll catch up one day so we can watch it together one day (hopefully). But PLEASE don’t ruin in for me…haha I’m on season 2, well almost finished it now. What season is it currently at? Hopefully only 3! Just don’t say any more about what is going on later in the show or I will have to stop reading your blog! haha Just kidding. Miss you,


  12. Thanks auntie, I am glad someone believes in me to be with the guy of my dreams.
    and i will most definitely talk mom into it…as long as you guys all pray tht i get accepted!!

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